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Live in Preston.


A Pagan Federation gig in Preston . This gig was at the end of a week which saw the band having to rehearse with me lying helpless from food poisoning in the next room. An audience recording, it nevertheless captures some lovely moments and is historical in the respect that although Marky was playing drums he had already told me he wanted to finally hang up his sticks. Pete was a part of the larger crew by this time and during the hand-over of the stool both played at this gig. Marky plays the bulk of it but Pete can be heard on ‘Loving Net’, ‘Mabon Calling ’, ‘Naked and Ready for Prayer’ and ‘Quest’.

Shamspasm is a truncation of the ramming together of the words shamanic and spasm. It could have been called Shamgasm but I didn’t have one. In the traditional sense.
We did some dancing that night.


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Listen now to The Return of the Broken Sorcerer from 11/02/2011.
The first Druidspear album ...Slow. Listen in full.
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Track Listing

Silver Sister.
The Prettiest Rain.
Immortal Ground.
So Fast.
A Blade & Killer Looks.
Loving Net
Mabon Calling
Naked & Ready for Prayer.
Long Time Ago.
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars.
Titanium Girl.

Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James - vocals, guitar
Andrew Bland – keyboards
Ken Bearman – bass
John Curle – percussion
Andy O’Neil –guitar
Andy Thorpe – guitar
Mark Williams – drums
Pete Wolaway – drums