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The Return of the Broken Sorcerer...

walkerFinally! ‘The Return of the Broken Sorcerer’ leaves the nest. The story behind the release winds it’s way into the song. Ken Bearman and myself eventually finished doing everything we could to bring this album to it’s finished state somewhere around 2003-4. Druidspear grew and evolved, morphed and finally entered the underworld labyrinth during the time the recordings were made. It is the follow-up to ‘....Slow’ which was released in 1996 so why 15 years? Well. The band went on such exhaustive peregrinations that a cornucopia of possibilities were attempted and recorded. And rejected for one reason or another. However, elsewhere on the site you will get to check them out. So all comes to fruition at once.

walker The album itself is a deep personal manifesto and contains, in the form of ‘Long Time Ago’, the ultimate sonic statement I felt I could make. There was a deep sense of my work having been done. The end of the recording sessions, which had lain a trail back over 3 years, coincided with the last 2 incarnations of the band. By the time all was done all was. indeed, done. The premises of Anew Music had to go. so did much of the rest of my life. The last Druidspear gig took place on January 6th 2002 and from then until now Druidspear has spent some time down in the wild-wood.

walker So here we are. I have had much personal enjoyment from listening to this album over the intervening years and hope that you do too. In true Druidspear style the album as a whole is intended to guide the listener on an odyssey of musical and lyrical diversity. Each track has it’s own vision and the benefit of all being recorded (eventually) in the same place, on the same equipment by a core of loving questers is that an overall sonic verisimilitude that was lacking on the previous album was achieved – for better or worse.

About 'The Return of the Broken Sorcerer'...

Recorded at High Horse Studio
Mixed and produced by Ken Bearman and James Binning
Originally engineered by Druidspear
Mastered by Ken Bearman

Inner Sleeve for Return

Inner Sleeve by Go Birch

Watch the video for 'Long Time Ago' here...

The cover art is by John Curle.

Track Listing

Titanium Girl.
Immortal Ground.
Magic Ship.
Mabon Calling.
A Blade & Killer Looks.
The Secret.
Avalon Ride.
Long Time Ago.

Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James – guitars and vocals
Ken Bearman – bass
Mark Williams – drums
Andrew Bland – keyboards, flutes, harmonica.
Andy Thorpe – electric guitars.
John Curle – percussion.
Jayne Powell – vocals, guitars and percussion.
Paul Miller – viola.
Andy O'Neil – guitar.
Empress T - vocals.
Pete Woolaway – drums.
Nick Winnicot – bass.
Caelen Cross – guitars.
Max Gittings – flutes.
Mark Henson – synths.
The Spearettes
(Empress T., Mo & Amy)
on backing vocals on Titanium Girl.

The boys from the band

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