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1997. Rich Bitch Studio - performance recording.

Land of the Ever Young...

This session was one of several that were done in order to record the band live in the studio. It features a line-up that did many gigs. During this period I was playing the only electric guitar in the band as Andrew Done had left. The session contains a couple of rare tracks in ‘Firestick Frazzle’ and ‘Coloured Sand’. The Frazzle was written by Paul Miller with help from Ian.
‘Walker’ is an epic piece that I still hanker to record properly in it’s fullness but a storming live version can be heard on ‘The Beltane Bash’ from much later on in the band’s history. These are nice recordings to hear the words clearly. As a well recorded representation of the band live at that time I am so glad we did this session.

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walkerIncluded on the CD, which had a very limited release are three out-takes from ‘....Slow’. Andrew Done appears on electric guitar on ‘Her Silence’. ‘Ditch’, of course, is finally fully realised on ‘Return of The Broken Sorcerer’. ‘Water Song’ is a fabulous piece of Power Pop by Mr Rushbury and I was honoured to put some lead guitar on it for him.

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Land of the Ever Young

Set List

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars.
Blues for the End of the World.
Long Time Ago.
Firestick Frazzle.
Endless Summer.
Coloured Sand.
Water Song.
Her Silence.


Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James Binning
Ian Rushbury
Paul Miller
Mike Richards
Jayne Powel