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2014.The Next Chapter.

History of Druidspear 1992 to 2002 (part 1).

Druidspear started off in 1992 with sessions involving Ian Rushbury, Go Birch, Mike Richards and yours truly (James Binning) jamming through songs in the back room of my home, and came to it's (temporary) halt in 2002. In between is a story of passion and pain, joy and sorrow, two or three distinct line-ups plus a parade of talented contributors and musical highlights. All of which I will try to relate here over a course of time.
This site archives tapes of rehearsals, live shows, unheard recording sessions, video performances, reviews, newsletters, photos and artwork to catalogue the experience that was Druidspear during this period.

Here or on the way...

walkerAs the history is committed to this site, tracing the origins of some of Jim's songs from solo conception (In The Room) through earlier bands (The Pressure, Big Moon, Glove Puppet Orchestra) to the varied incarnations of Druidspear, there are numerous recordings, music and video to be added. Amongst those already archived on the site, there are:-
Gotterfunken Vol. 1, containing six Druidspear tracks and a Pagan Dub Lord track. Also other Pagan Dub Lord tracks.
...Slow - the first full album release.

Live recordings include:-

Live at The Bear, 2/8/96
Apocalypse Angel
The Beltane Bash
The Flapper - "I Take That That Hard Drive Is Broken"
All are live recordings from various stages and line-ups.

The El Shad Mixes and The Pentacle Session. A couple of alternate recording sessions/mixes.

Also we have uncovered some early Big Moon live videos of Homeland, Silver Sister, Starspawner and more, plus other interesting highlights and collaborations. Watch out for the bold text to turn to links asap.
A full list of music can be found on the Music Menu page.

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Gordon Binning - Blockhead
Art by Gordon Binning.

NY Angel
Art by John Curle.