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2006.The Inspiration of Cats.

Cats. Vol 1...

Sometime in 2006 Mark Henson (Pagan Dub Lord) came round to my flat one evening and recorded me playing the acoustic guitar in my kitchen. I had spent 4 years only occasionally touching the guitar yet these 4 pieces had evolved. Any slight sound problems come from the original recording (and they are slight). Just goes to show that techno-nightmares can invade the simplest studio work. I suppose the pieces now depict the inward stroke of my exile. Each piece represents an important feline friend in my life. Wistful.
Meeaowprrrrrrrrrrrr x

A Poem by Mark Henson...

The Third Eye Sees the Truth Within the Whole.

Sparks fly, voices hum,
Raven wing and Dragon tongue.
Baptised and mesmerised by fire.

When embers glow
The Druids know
All things
Blessed be to Mother Earth
The sacred spirit sings.

Incense and esstential oils
Magical rites performed on hallowed soils
The piper calls the tune
We dance in trance.

With mind awake a new domain
We fly weightless on astral plane
The Dragon fire burns bright within the soul.

On bright full moon with herbs we bought
The shaman wakes the wisdom he taught
That the third eye sees the truth within the whole.

Mark Henson

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Cat 3
Cat 4
Eileen Cats 2
Cat 2

James Binning - acoustic guitar

Dedicated to Eileen Lewis.

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