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Avalon by Bus at The Fluffy Rock Cafe, Galstonbury 2010.

Avalon By Bus - Live & Unplugged...

I played very little music between the ‘final’ D-Spear gig in 2002 and 2010 but things came to life with new friends last year. I met Tom Currant (drums), Mark O’Callaghan (bass) and Taz (bassoon) over the past few years in Glastonbury after a while we started to get together and jam. Jim at Glastonbury 2010
I wanted to start with a brand new band and some new approaches without realising I was laying the foundation stones for the resurrection of the Spear. We ended up doing two gigs at Glastonbury Festival in The Fluffy Rock Cafe. I can’t say we boasted the biggest turnout of the weekend but we did receive warm responses from many.

I am planning to start playing around Somerset in a very low-key way as the year progresses but the old Spear ways will reappear. Be prepared for any combination of musicians - some of whom indeed reached Avalon by bus.

Love to All Bunnies

"What I Did In My Summer Holidays".

Avalon by bus bass playerBeing a part of Avalon By Bus when they played the Glastonbury Festival in 2010 was a very special experience. To play at the festival was a dream of mine for many years, but it took a man with long hair to make it happen. I had known songwriter and guitarist James Binning for three years and I knew about his old band Druidspear.
He asked me to play bass in his current line up, and when he played me his songs I thought they were great - lots going on, lots of strong chord changes, just the sort of thing a bassist can get his teeth into. The other cats in the band were really good too: Taz, a multi-instrumentalist on bassoon, and Tom on drums holding it all together.
And so the four of us "played the Glastonbury Festival", or to be precise the Fluffy Rock Cafe near the Greenfields.
Yes, there were bigger bands you could have seen, on bigger stages, playing to bigger crowds. You may have been one of the kids that didn't get to see us play ("No, I didn't" you all reply).
Well don't worry. You can get to dig us in 2011.

by Mark O’Callaghan.

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I would like to thank Nick and Louise Prior for making this page possible. I would especially like to extend eternal thanks to Louise for showing me the way out of the briar wood. James 11.02.2011.

Avalon by bus cd

Avalon by bus Galstonbury 2010 setlist

Avalon By Bus does Pilton tom bombadil...

It was so beautiful to be performing at Pilton! whenever i'd been to Pilton before, i'd been litter-picking for a couple of years, and then i was pitching marquees the last time... always thinking to meself; "i hope i come back here as a performer some day.." ..and here was i, doing exactly that - performing on stage at Pilton! -hurray! what a buz!
Thank you Jim. Thank you Avalon By Bus. it was a truly enjoyable adventure.

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