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2000. Gotterfunken Vol. 2.

Titanium Girl...

Work was well under way on, what became, ‘....Sorcerer’ and it was decided to get a release together so that people could get hold of ‘Titanium Girl’. The song had been a live favourite for quite some time and many great gigs had been rounded off by it’s freewheeling groove. I had decided to make sure it was the first song from the album to be finished in terms of recording and left the mix completely in the hands of Andrew Bland while I went to bed. Next morning there it was. Lovely stuff. So this is the ‘Painted Propeller Mix’ and not the final one on the new album which was done by Ken Bearman and I a couple of years later.


walker...the time was right for the next Gotterfunken release. As the idea behind the series was to present a selection of sessions and rarities there was no shortage of candidates. ‘Magic Ship’ and ‘Naked and Ready for Prayer’ were the result of an experiment. I wanted to see if I could write, record and mix two songs in a week. I wrote them over the week and all the rest was done on the Sunday. Although Druidspear was gigging and recording with a strong fixed line-up of six members I wanted to involve more friends in the project. These songs mark the appearance of Pete Woollaway on drums. Max Gittings contributed the beautiful flute and both were part of the band on both ‘I Take It That That Hard-Drive Is Broken’ and ‘Beltane Bash’. Both appear on ‘Return Of The Broken Sorcerer’.

Next up is Tenzin Wah as embodied by Andrew Bland in his solo work. The recording contains contributions from Leighton Hargreaves who later played at the last Druidspear gig in 2002. This is phenomenal stuff and Andrew has his own myspace site where you can experince Tenzin Wah expansion.

Finally a sneak appearance from Pagan Dub Lord with the second part of the last track on ‘Dragonseidr’. Remember:- “Don’t do anything you would normally do”.

The hive is alive


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Gotterfunken Vol. 2.

'Titanium Girl'

Track Listing

Titanium Girl (Painted Propeller Mix).
Magic Ship (Demo).
Naked & Ready for Prayer (Demo).
Burning Bush - Edit (Tenzin Wah).
Where Dark Things Dwell Part 2 (Pagan Dub Lord).
Titanium Girl CD cover

Back cover
The cover art is by Nick, James and Go Birch.
Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James Binning
Andy Thorpe
Andy O'Neill
John Curle
Ken Bearman
Leighton Hargreaves
Pete Woollaway
Max Gittings
Mark Henson
Mark Williams
Andrew Bland
Empress T

Original Go Birch CD Sleeve Design for Titanium Girl
The original Go Birch design for the CD cover - from which the top right corner was used!