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2012. Gotterfunken Vol.3 E.P.

Planet Avalon...

Time for the new. We are really pleased with the 3 tracks that have emerged from Studio 9, the Glastonbury studio of Ian 'Ninth' Miller, (pictured right), and plan to record much more over the course of 2012.  Ian "Ninth" MillerWe are also, however, about to start performing live again so this ep, released on 4-8-12, will be a great starting point for a new wave.


The main tracks are ‘Ahead Of The Game' , ‘Black Dog’ and ‘White Hart (Dawn In Avalon)’ and feature not only the current line-up of Mark, Sam, Lifus and myself but Taz who played with Mark and me at Glastonbury Festival in 2009 in ‘Avalon By Bus’.  We were also joined by the Bush’s of Wells in various supporting roles (thanks for the lovely voices, girls).  Finally, one of the original crew, Mike Richards, was passing by and contributed some fine percussive work.  His astute perception of the need for a cowbell on the chorus of ‘White Hart’ forever earning the epithet of Cowbell Mike.  Incidentally, Sam has now incorporated this utterly essential sound into the live version.

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This 3rd release in the 'Gotterfunken' series is entitled ‘Planet Avalon’ after a fabulous photograph taken by Lifus which forms part of the sleeve design. Planet Avalon It’s a fitting title as the base of operations is now Glastonbury and not Birmingham.  Quite a difference I can assure you.  The 3 new tracks are joined by 4 demos from around the period of the original Gotterfunken release.  It was originally planned to include live recordings from Glastonbury Festival but the recordings were too unbalanced to comfortably release.  I remembered a demo for ‘When You Dance’ that I did being quite listenable and when I finally found it from trawling the archives I discovered the accompanying 3 tracks.  They were all recorded in the music cellar at my home (The Nemeton Yard) and, as far as I can remember, only feature myself and Ian Rushbury.  They form a nice little set and have reminded me of material that could do with being developed by the new line-up.


A fair amount of filming was done during the sessions (a little afterwards) and our first promo video proper has now emerged in the form of ‘Black Dog’. Watch it here.


I cannot begin to tell you all how rewarding all this has been for those involved and sincerely hope that you enjoy ‘Planet Avalon – Gotterfunken Vol. 3’.
Stay safe.


Druidspear in Studio 9 Glastonbury

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Planet Avalon E.P.
(Gotterfunken Vol. 3).

Track Listing.

Ahead of the Game
Black Dog.
White Hart (Dawn in Avalon)

plus bonus tracks.

Jim with Tatto Face Lifus  with Chaos Pad Lifus Wyrd Sam Hayter 0 Drummer Mike with Jim at Studio 9 Glastonbury

Druidspear Line Up
On this occasion is :-

James Binning - Vocals, Electric Gtr.
Taz – Bassoon & Organ
Sam Hayter – Drums
Mark O'Callaghan – Bass
Lifus Wyrd – Chaos Pad