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1995. The Miller in the Meadow.

The Legend of Math Meadow...

This was the very first commercial release of a set of Druidspear songs. Recorded and then released on cassette in 1994.

In 1995 a second cassette was released called "The Miller's Tale" These two cassettes were later compiled together for a limited CD run under the title of "The Miller in the Meadow".

These are the tracks you can listen to below.

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walkerAll the songs were written by James Binning except 'Her Throne of Stars', written by James Binning and Mark Whitehouse.

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More haunting, quality, centuries-old folk that saddens and comforts at the same time. This kind of stuff is timeless and one can only hope that those with enough taste and vision will allow Druidspear to set up a commune and make a healthy living from this.

The Legend of Math Meadow Review
Brum Beat: 03/95

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The Miller in the Meadow

Math Meadow Cover

Track Listing

Awake the Bloom.
Her Silence.
Myriad Flash.
This Fog.
Her Throne of Stars.

Millers Tale Cover
A Maiden's Shame
Awake the Bloom.
Awake the Bloom.

The cover art and layout by Ian Paul Rushbury.

Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James Binning
Andrew Done
Mike Richards
Paul Miller
Jayne Powell
Ian Paul Rushbury