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1998. Gotterfunken Vol.1.

All Your Little Beasties...

Loving Net, Blues for the End of the World, and Endless Summer were recorded in Crotchety's Kitchen.

Homeland and Her Silence were recorded at The Albion Centre Fayre, 24th & 25th of May 1997.

The Prettiest Rain and Her Throne of Stars were recorded at the Nemeton Yard.

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All songs by James Binning except 'Her Throne of Stars', by James Binning and Mark Whitehouse and 'Blues For the End of the World' by Ian Paul Rushbury.


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Gotterfunken Vol. 1.
'All Your Little Beasties'

Track Listing

Loving Net.
Blues for the End of the World.
The Prettiest Rain.
Her Silence.
Endless Summer.
Her Throne of Stars.

Gotterfunken Cover

Back cover
The cover art is by John Curle.
Layout by Ian Paul Rushbury.

Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-
James Binning
John Coye
John Curle
Pete Holder
Paul Miller
Jayne Powell
Ian Paul Rushbury
Mark Whitehouse