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2011. Glastonbury Festival.

Druidspear at The Fluffy Rock Cafe...

So here we are about to launch ourselves into the ‘Pilton Experience’.  Rehearsals for the Druidspear gig at Glastonbury Festival have been manfully carried out and this page gives you a little piece of the action thanks to Go Birch and his cameras.  Like so many Druidspear adventures in the past the route has been circuitous and surprising.  Mark O’Callaghan, Tom Currant and myself had been rocking up with a power trio groove for some time and all was well until Tom suddenly left town for personal reasons unconnected with the music.  I was suddenly stumped as the rug had been pulled out from underneath the set-up and we were without a drummer.  Time was running out.  Enter Mike Richards from the ether.  Mike was the original drummer back in the early 90’s and had hung up his sticks too long ago to be funny.  He has performed a minor miracle in travelling from Shrewsbury to rehearse each week.  But let this not detract from the efforts of Andrew Bland and John Curle who have diligently travelled from Birmingham and Daventry respectively. Mike, John, Andrew and I have all got ‘previous’ in the band and so it is a tremendous and heart-warming thrill to be relaunching Druidspear truly.

Ditch from the rehearsal


Silver Sister from the rehearsal


Druidspear Band shot 2011

walkerWe never know what’s going to happen next and musicians from cracks, crevices and floorboards all over will surely join in the coming ventures.  A big surprise was meeting the magnificent Lifus Wyrd who will, sadly, be missing at the festival.  Lifus has added tremendous colour and enthusiasm to the music with vocals, harmonica, percussion and Chaos Pad.  We will certainly be hearing and seeing more of this accomplished creator.  His own projects to date have been many and varied and I feel privileged to have met and worked with him.
walker So, there you go.  Back in the groove and looking forward to magic in Avalon.  Maybe see some of you folks there.  So just remember: ‘Her silence spins her round.  She spins for all of you’.
Special thanks to Louise, Julia, Denise, Dave, Mick, Frank and Simon for making our last rehearsal our first gig of the Tertiary Phase (Ta, John!).
Rock the world with love.

Footnote: Due to the poor quality of the recording we given, we are unable to put the actual Festival performance up.

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Glastonbury Festival Rehearsal
June 8th, 2011

Set Listing.

Silver Sister.
Black Dog.
Her Silence.
Endless Summer.
White Hart.
Titanium Girl

James photo on night

Andrew photo from night

Mike photo

Mark photo

John photo

Lifus Wyrd

Druidspear Line Up
On this occasion is:-

James Binning - Vocals, Electric Gtr.
Andrew Bland – Gtr.
Mike Richards – Drums
Mark O'Callaghan – Bass
John Curle – Percussion.
Lifus Wyrd – Chaos Pad