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2011.The 'El Shad' Mixes.

The 'El Shad' Mixes...

In darkling under thought, child of Nyx and prosperer in the formula did apply his nimbleness to the secret cupboard.  El Shad. Nick Winnicot and I have collaborated on several projects over the years. Our first collaboration was a meditation on Alban Eiler in 1997 and the last time we worked together was to make the film for, what has become, the Long Time Ago video in 2002. Nick also appears on the Pentacle Sessions playing superbly rich bass. We also wander out together with Mark and Marky on the Pagan Dub Lord album. These mixes were done by El Shad in High Horse studio under the cover of his Mother lode. In secret. I think they are lovely as alternatives to the mixes elsewhere. And Lo! Doth the shimmering edge of the Deep Sweet Baby trail through the depths. Bloody traffic.

Love from The Isle
February 2011

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El Shad Mixes.

Track Listing.

Magic Ship.
Naked & Ready for Prayer.
Avalon Ride.

Jim and owl

Druidspear Line Up

On this ocassion is :-
James Binning
Andrew Bland
Nick Winnicot
John Curle
Max Gittings
Ken Bearman
Caelen Cross.