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'I Take It That That Hard Drive is Broken'.

Drive is Broken...

This gig was performed at The Flapper and Firkin in Birmingham to an audience of friends. It was a chance to unveil a new line-up including Pete and Max.  This is more or less the band that played The Beltane Bash.  The set is more expansive than on the ‘Bash’ and includes slightly different songs.  As an audience recording it falls into the category of ‘Official Bootleg’.  It was the largest ever incarnation of the band with 11 people on stage by the end of the evening.  El Shad was the person to whom my enquiry regarding the hard drive was addressed.
Feb. 2011

Much more music...

Hard DriveListen now to The Return of the Broken Sorcerer from 11/02/2011.
The first Druidspear album ...Slow. Listen in full.
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I Take It That That Hard Drive is Broken'

Set/Track Listing.

This Prettiest Rain.
A Blade and Liller Looks.
Silver Sister.
White Hart.
Mabon Calling.
Magic Ship
Immortal Ground
(missing track at present)
Her Silence
Naked & Ready for Prayer.
Titanium Girl

Hard Drive

The cover art is by John Curle.

Druidspear Line Up
On this ocassion is :-

James Binning - Vocals, Acoustic Gtr.
Andrew Bland – Keys.
John Curle – Percussion.
Andy O'Neil – El. Gtr.
Pete Woolaway – Drums
Andy Thorpe – El. Gtr.
Ken Bearman – Bass.
Max Gittings – Flute.
The Spearettes
(Empress T., Mo & Amy)

Druidspear on stage 4