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2000.Live in Freemantle, Australia.

To Australia...

In 2000 Andrew and I took the music of Druidspear to Australia. We had the challenge of condensing the songs into a ‘duo’ format and this recording is the only one made to commemorate our visit. It was a rather fraught gig from many points of view including dreadful sound and, as a result, some of the set is completely unusable. But what survives is a nice testament to our wonderful adventure. You can hear the sound of the wind blowing across the microphone which adds somewhat to the atmosphere. This was an outdoor gig in Freemantle on the West coast.

...and back.

walkerOn the way back from Australia, we dropped into Wolverhampton College Radio (as you do) to do an interview and play a couple of tracks. You can hear that below.

aussie image

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