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199. Live at The Mill, Banbury.

Apolcalypse Angel...

This live recording from The Mill in Banbury, performed on the 10th, September 1999, was released as a live CD.

The mix came from the live desk and was engineered by Paul (Barny) Bannister from Overture PA.

Remixed digitally for the CD by Ken Bearman.

Insight from John...

walkerOn the 11th of September 2001 I was French Polishing a big Mahogany Dinning Table, when the first news flash of the WTC bombing came in. For some reason I dragged out an old B/W TV I have in the workshop, and tuned in to the live feed on ITV. I saw much of the inferno and then the collapse of the two towers upside down, darkly mirrored in the table tops.

Knowing Jim had no TV or radio at the shop, I rang him, to tell him what was going down in New York. He had heard what had happened, but not as fully as I, so we spent a few minutes discussing what I had seen and then, as the conversation ended, Jim said “ That was why I called the album Apocalypse Angel, I felt that something horrific like this was going to happen.”

The synchronicity of this and our then working title for the studio album, created a palpable presence in my consciousness that only found release by the realisation of this image. The plane is meant as a pastiche of Blind Faith’s album.

----------John Curle

The then 'working title' of the album was , 'Sex, Death & the Supernatural'

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Apolcalypse Angel

Track Listing

The Prettiest Rain.
Immortal Ground.
So Fast.
Long Time Ago.
The Sun, The Moon, The Stars.
Titanium Girl.
Cover for Apolalypse Angel Live CDApocalypse Angel CD back cover
Cover design by Goblander Graphics.
Warrior artwork by Joe Benitez.
Live at the Mill poster

The Line Up
James Binning
Ken Bearman
Andrew Bland
John Curle
Andy Thorpe
Mark Williams