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2016. Another Chapter Turns.

The Return of Everyone...

Watch the full song set of Druidspear Live at Corks 16-7-16 featuring line-ups including the current Glastonbury and earlier Birmingham personnel.


2016 kicks off with big news...

Druidspear reunion...

walkerWilderness is a word much on my mind these days. There are many reasons for this. Now, curiously, I find myself addressing the world through the means of the Druidspear website on the Spring Equinox which is, this year, also Palm Sunday ( a familiar symptom of synchronicity). In my quest for a definition of the word ‘wilderness’ I have been disappointed by my discoveries. Disappointed by the mundane nature of what I saw. Eventually I encountered the phrase ‘bewildering vastness’ which struck a chord with my inner poet. My personal journey over the last few years has been extremely testing and I have been asked to deal with loss on a frequent basis. The greatest loss being that of my brother Gordon who passed away in 2014. Druidspear was initially founded way back in 1992 and, again, I have endured loss along the way. This included the complete folding of the band back in 2002. I started my journey into the wilderness and found myself tested at every step of the way. Wilderness, the bewildering vastness which ultimately faces us all. Life itself. Purpose, reason, self-belief. Faith. Along the way music again entered my life in a humble and quiet way. I had not even so much as picked up a guitar for 8 years. I had considered all of that to be part of my life which was over and done. Along the way this website was born thanks to the tireless efforts and enthusiasm of Go Birch and in 2011 Druidspear re-emerged at Glastonbury Festival with a line-up which spanned all the years. From that rewarding and frustrating experience a new phase began and I started to work with a new incarnation of the band, with new material and a new base. I have kept the project reasonably low key but the work performed by a new vision became a core part of my life. For quite a few years the band has been, essentially, a trio comprising Sam Hayter (Drums), Mark O’Callaghan (Bass/Vocals) and myself (Guitar/Vocals). Together we have gathered a selection of very rewarding experiences. Gigs and recordings have all been present and correct.


walker2015 saw me debilitated by illness and a slow and difficult recovery. By Christmas I was just about able to hold myself together enough to start rehearsing again and, during the last rehearsal of 2015, I conceived a notion to return to the homeland of the Spear with Sam and Mark in order to connect with a legacy. A legacy of wonderful times, wonderful music and wonderful friends.

So began a series of communications which has culminated in the most amazing outcome. There is to be a union of the old world and the new on Saturday July 16th at Corks Club, Bearwood, in territory and new life.


walkerAnd so, the wilderness may be behind me for now. I have certainly examined my own existence in great depth and it seems that a celebration of love, life, respect, music and friendship is the order of the day.


I look forward to some of you joining us for the return.


Love and Light

James Binning

Spring Equinox 2016


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News: Rehearsals are going well for the gig on the 16th, July. Video footage from rehearsal here...

The photos gallery on this page is from the Planet Avalon (Gotterfunken Vol. 3) EP sessions at Studio Nine in Glastonbury. You can see more plus listen to the tracks from this EP here...

Gordon Binning Art

Art by Gordon Binning.